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Coineal will presale KGT on Mar. 13, 2019
2020-09-09 18:55

Dear Coineal users:




We are excited to announce that a presale for KIZUNA GLOBAL TOKEN (KGT) will take place on Coineal starting on 12:00 Mar. 13 (UTC) and ending on Mar. 27.


After the end of presale, KGT will be listed on Coineal. Deposit and withdrawl will be available from 12:00 Apr. 5. KGT/BTC trading will be available and the confirmed listing date will be announced later.


/ KGT Presale Event /

Presale total supply: About 6,000,000 KGT

Presale price


1 KGT = 0.00217 ETH

(1 KGT = 0.00217 ETH ; 1 ETH = 460 KGT)


1 KGT = 0.00008 BTC

(1 KGT = 0.00008 BTC : 0.1 BTC = 1250 KGT)


/ Project Introduction /

KIZUNA Global Inc.issues a hybrid token that has functions of both security token and utility token to coordinate KIZUNACOIN PROJECT, KEEP-Exchange, and future business deployment and to grant stock value.

The security token (stocktoken) that complies with the US securities regulation law enforced in 1933 is tradable outside the USA market.


/ Common Links /

Official website: http://www.kizunaglobal.com

White paper: https://files.kizunacoin.net/KGT_WP_EN.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KIZUNA_OFFICIAL

Telegram: https://t.me/KIZUNA_OFFICIAL


/ Risk Warning /

Digital asset is an innovative investment product, the price may fluctuate drastically with high and unpredictable risks. We sincerely hope you could get to know about certain digital asset as much as possible before you invest and hence make rational judgement as well as cautious decision according to your investment ability.


/ Contact Us /

Official WeChat Group Assistant: Coineal

Weibo: http://t.cn/EAjENf

Telegram: https://t.me/coineal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinealExchange



Coineal team